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Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm PST
don't think so. >> robin, the third generation. her grandfather edward was a mattress equipment salesman from chicago. he came to san francisco with his brother, leonard in 1998. -- 1898. if they were to visit today, those brother woz be proud to see the company they founded still going strong. >> the benefit of doing it ourselves is that we're in charge of the quality. >> easy to say not easy to do. when they say they make them from scratch in america, they mean it. beginning with the cotton. they blend and machine into batting. to bed coils beginning at raw wire, manufactured in california then finish bid former street sweeper. >> all hand made. >> yes. >> by your hand? >> all of our hands. >> they build mattresses old fashioned way. same as they always have, as reflected through almost a century's worth of orders and receipts remain on file. >> this system is old school. but it works when a customer calls asking for information on a sale, they consult these catalogs, they have everything in 15 seconds. so when did they go to computers? >> in 1998. >> it does not stand with th
Dec 21, 2012 5:00pm PST
-old is antonio edwards is charged as accessory to the crime. the parents attended the hearing. >> i will never get over it. person in that courtroom, i wish was dead. >> a lot of people in the community are outraged and i just hope that i can in the future, makehe= it difference u know? reach out to teens. and their parents. >> he now plans to visit schools and talk about impact of violence in his life. >> a new sudden audit found more mystery money in the state department of parks and recreation accounts n july reported state parks sitting on nearly $54 million in two special funds. money there as the department began closing parks because of the state budget cuts. well, now, a new audit found $4 million in a fund for donation was no designated purpose. the audit did not address why the money was never reported. >> still to come, online banking comes under attack at several banks. >> last minute shopping could pay off this year, michael finney showing how stores are doing something very different that will save you money. >> and a school principal and two orthodontists team up to put a smile
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2